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Our customized wall solutions transform garages, workrooms and basements into usable, clean, inspiring spaces.

You’ve made a big investment in your tools or in collections such as firearms, collectables, sports memorabilia and more. We want to help you store them accordingly.
When your things are stored in drawers, big rubber bins or old boxes, you lose track of what you have, can’t use things easily, and aren’t protecting your valued possessions. Not to mention the fact that disorganized garages or basements are an eyesore and don’t leave room for you to enjoy your space.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have room to park your car, have an organized workroom or den, and always have what you need at your fingertips? Our customized, premium modular wall solutions are beautiful and professional and they can be configured to meet your unique space and needs. They help you get organized, keep items clean and off of the floor, and increase the value of your home at the same time. It’s all like adding more square footage without doing any construction.

At OnTrack Wall Solutions, we provide the best value for your wall systems. As the premier providers of garage storage systems in Denver, we only use high-standard materials to provide unmatched workmanship for our products. With our storage solutions, you can get top-of-the-line options that suit your budget and needs.


Choose from multiple high-end finishes and components for a first class look. Creates an incredible finish for garages, hobby rooms, or basements.


Our wall solutions are 100% PVC, waterproof, chemical resistant, and can hold up to 148 pounds per bracket.

  • The patented fastening system is mounted directly into the wall, whether it is wood, metal, steel or cement
  • No screw holes or fastening systems are visible for a clean look
  • Our heavy duty wall system will hold hundreds of pounds of accessories and equipment


We’ll configure your wall units to work now, and you’ll be able to adjust them in the future. After all, your interests may change, your tool supply may increase and your hobbies may grow. If you move, you’ll be able to remove your panels, fill in the holes, and take your storage investment with you.

Exceptional Service and Installation

When it comes to service, you can expect the best from OnTrack Wall Solutions. We don’t just provide high-quality garage storage solutions in Denver; our professional installers will discuss what needs to be done with your space. Whether you want to refurbish your den, kitchen, basement, or workroom, OnTrack Wall Solutions will be there to help. Our consultants will work with you to design to your specific needs. Your cabinets will be built prior to installation and our highly trained crews will deliver and expertly install them in your home.

Ready to get organized? Join the thousands of satisfied consumers keeping their homes and garages beautifully organized with our customized solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you apply your product in other areas?

Yes, our products have been used throughout houses in basements, work rooms, utility rooms, laundry rooms, bathrooms, closets and kitchens. We have also installed our product for use in displays at home and garden centers and retail stores.

What are your cabinets made of?

OnTrack Wall carries only a few lines of cabinets. For general storage with a professional look where you don’t need the strength and durability of our metal line we offer a laminated pressed wood with all metal “quick release” hinges and handles. They offer a professional look without the cost.

For the ultimate in cabinets and tool storage, OnTrack Wall is an exclusive dealer for the Rousseau Metal. For more that 60 years , Rousseau Metal Inc. has been producing innovative, durable and superior quality storage solutions for a variety of different industries, such as: distribution, warehousing, manufacturing, automotive, mining, agriculture and small engine equipment, medical as well as government and institutional. From custom garage cabinets to commercial heavy-duty storage cabinets, Rousseau has the solution.

In order to offer their clientele the best products possible, their products are mainly designed and fabricated in North America. This allows greater control over the quality of materials used in addition to ensuring excellent expertise in design and engineering.

The name Rousseau is well known by professionals as one of the finest products in the industry and always put the customer first. Rousseau offers their customer products that are adaptable and competitive, highly qualified staff, cutting-edge technology and reliable yet flexible manufacturing procedures.

Pick your design, colors and options and OnTrack Wall will build to fit your needs.

How do you install the cabinets?

Our premium wood cabinets are designed to be off-the-floor providing easy cleaning and protection against moisture, insects and rodents. They mount directly into wall anchors and shelving is completely adjustable. The cabinets arrive in a kit and our installers will professionally assemble them per manufacture specs and install them on your wall.

With the Rousseau cabinets, they are custom built per your specifications. This is the ultimate in cabinet storage. You choose the type of cabinet, color, top, locks, inserts, drawer type and more. Once approved we send to Rousseau and they custom build your cabinet. Usually we have a finished product delivered direct to your location by motor freight within 2 weeks. Our professional installers will uncrate your product and set it up in your specified location. They will go over the product with you and answer all your questions.

How long does it take to install the cabinets?

The premium wood cabinets come in a kit and fasten easily to your wall. The shelving is adjustable and the doors are mounted with a quick release hinge for easy installation or removal. Depending on the job size we can usually have them fully installed within a few hours.

Our Rousseau Metal line comes custom made and takes minimal effort to unpack and set up. The tool chests are ready to use upon unpacking. The “Spider Shelving” ships disassembled and is sets up quickly. Feel free to look at our Rousseau cabinet set up videos on our YouTube page for more information on our installs.

What are your cabinet sizes?

Our premium wood cabinets come in standard sizing. The Rousseau metal cabinets have a variety of sizes and conveniently come is standard North American measurements. We will provide you with a design that is unique to your garage and will best fit your needs, budget and style.

I’m not sure I can afford your products. Can I?

OnTrack Wall offers a variety of options for our storage systems. We can work within your budget to develop a plan that meets your needs.  Our design consultants are happy to come visit your home, bring samples and provide you with a FREE design and estimate. Request your free estimate now. OnTrack Wall works with several banks to provided specialized financing for your design.

Why should I select OnTrack Wall?

We have combined practical design and extraordinary style with our extensive product offerings. Our design team is experienced and truly understands what is needed to provide you with the best solutions for your storage needs. Our experience, customer service and design experience are well known and second to none.

We have a list of references and we recommend you speak with past customers. Our customers always come first.

What makes your product different from regular slot wall found at lumber yards?

Our slot wall is made of PVC instead of glued saw dust. It provides superior strength over the competition. It is 100% water proof, chemical and mildew resistant and modular. If you damage or get the standard slot wall wet it is ruined and the whole panel has to be replaced, which is often a 4′ x 8′ panel. Our product, you can clean with soap and water or for the tuff spots, acetone.

If you gouge it, don’t worry. The wood grain products have the grain go completely through. You can use some clear caulk or you can simply heat up an iron, cover panel with wax paper and run it over the panel. The dent disappears. For our solid color panels we have matching caulk so you can cover any mishaps you may have.

In addition, we use a patented fastening system which offers superior strength without the unsightly screw holes. Your wall is completely modular. Want to change your garage look? It’s simple. Lift off your easy to handle panels, unscrew the install strip, patch the fastener holes, paint and move it to where you want your new wall. Our patented CamLok accessories allow you to lock in your hooks and brackets. Never worry about removing that tool and having the hook fall down injuring you or your child.

What are your accessories made of?

Our accessories are made of heavy gauge steel and are powder coated making them extremely durable and weather resistant. The hooks are hot dipped in a rubber coating offering a soft cushion for superior grip and protection for your collectables and stays soft. It won’t chip or peel as time passes. All our hooks, brackets and baskets offer the patented CamLok system, allowing you to secure your accessory to the wall. You never have to worry about that hook or bracket falling down as you remove your items. It keeps them safe and securely fastened to the wall. They can be locked and unlocked with a twist of the CamLok.

What People Like You Are Saying

Thanks Scott for getting us organized. I can finally walk around my garage and car without tripping over something.

Mike H., Lakewood, CO

Thank you OnTrack Wall for an awesome product and great customer service, we love our new garage.

Jerry and Hellen R., Highlands Ranch, CO

We had no idea what we wanted but needed to do something about our mess. We appreciate your expertise and feedback in laying out a solution for our problem. Our disaster is now organized and my husband can now find things he needs by looking at the wall. My craft room looks beautiful with my new cedar wall panels.  We love the locking hooks! Thank you again for all your help and professionalism.

Kathy and Don B., Centennial, CO

… the gun vault looks great and I don’t have to worry about my collector pieces falling off the wall. Thank you again to you and your crew for helping me design my vault room.

Tom A., Elizabeth, CO

The horse barn came out beautiful and our saddles and tac are all organized. We love we can just hose down the walls to clean. Thanks for a great product and customer service. We will pass the word!

Alvin and Margaret S. Parker, CO

We love our new walls and great accessories. We hope to do the Rousseau cabinets and shelving next. Our neighbors are envious!

Billy W., Castle Pines, CO