4 Clever Ways to Maximize the Space in Your Garage

Man Cave, Car Pod, Dragon’s Den, you name it. These are just some of the creative ways people use to refer to their garage. But just as there are a lot of inventive names for this secluded area of the house, there are also quite a few clever ways to maximize its space.

There are different sizes of garages, from as small as 12’x20’ to as large as 26’x32’. But no matter what size your shed space is, you can make the most of its every inch. With all the clutter of the main house dumped in the garage, it’s just fitting to utilize every space for numerous things found in there.

Hang Items on Hooks and Pegboards

You’ll know it’s time to reorganize your garage if you have minimal space to walk on. With all the things placed on the floor, it’s just ideal to make use of the other spaces – particularly the walls. Have as many items off the floor using hooks and pegboards, and hang things like hand tools and bags.

Use Buckets and Cans for Extra Storage

Through those hooks, you can do a lot more space maximizing. You can hang buckets, instead of leaving them in one corner. These buckets can also act as a storage space for smaller items like gloves and some tools. If you have tin cans lying around, put a hole and peg them on the wall for a similar purpose.

Build a Makeshift Shelf on the Walls

For the heavier things and those that can’t be put up on hooks, you can build shelves on the walls. With sturdy wood or metal planks and L braces, you can already make your own shelves. Some prefer only reachable levels, while others go higher and use ladders to reach for the top shelf; either of the choices is good.

Don’t Overlook the Space on the Ceiling

If you’ve already crowded all the available spaces on the walls and there are still quite a few items left, you can utilize the ceiling. Those hooks and pegs really come in handy. Use them with chains or ropes to hang objects like a surfboard or other seldom used items. Just make sure you don’t block the lights and that your ceiling beams, chains, and ropes are strong enough.

Maximizing the space of your garage is practical and helpful because it gives you more storage space on top of reducing the clutter around the house. Here at OnTrack Wall Solutions, we offer wall systems that are proven heavy duty, incredibly strong, rugged, waterproof, and come in different designer colors and wood grains. Contact us now and let us work on your garage to make the most of its spacious area.