How to Turn Your Dungeon Into an Actual Garage

Dark and dingy dungeons seldom visited by humankind, tall, narrow corridors covered in filth, and walls with piles of who-knows-what filling almost every crack and crevice—is this a scene from a horror movie? No. It’s a description of one too many garages in America.

We all use our garage for many crazy things. Some have workshops in it to pursue their hobbies, while others use it to store lawn tools. The most common thing people use it for is to park their cars, but the question here is this: how is your garage? Is it accessible—or has it fallen victim to the clutter?

If you answered the second question with the latter, follow this easy two-step process so you can get your garage back:

  1. De-Clutter

Like most homeowners, you probably have a few taped up boxes in your garage. Chances are, the entire time you’ve lived in your house, you didn’t even need, want, or miss anything that was in those boxes. Why bother keeping them, then? Try opening them and we bet you’ll only find nothing but Craigslist, thrift shop, or garage sale-worthy stuff.

Go through everything else that’s in the garage and keep only what you need.

  1. Organize

Once you get rid of what you don’t need, it’s time to make better use of the space you (didn’t know you) already have. Look around your space. Are there stacks of containers taking up too much room? Are there tools piled up everywhere? We recommend using wall systems like ours, which are strong and can hold anything you need them to hold. We also recommend Rosseau cabinets, which you can compliment with storeWALL to give you the ultimate garage storage.

De-cluttering and organizing your garage can help with maximizing space and unlocking the full potential of your home. You paid for that garage—so you might as well make smart use of every inch, right? Whether you want to get that man cave you’ve always wanted, have a play place for the kids, or make some space for your extended family, all it takes is a little motivation and some tools to get your garage back and actually use it as if it’s a garage.

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