a7742df7a76f76cad26c38d91bfb6420OnTrack Wall Solutions can install your product for you or provide advice for the do-it-yourselfer. StoreWALL Heavy Duty panels utilize the patented InstallStrips for a fast and easy installation. No unsightly visible fasteners giving you improved aesthetics.

InstallStrips provide HeavyDuty installation on any surface: drywall, concrete blocks, concrete and direct to metal or wood studs. The InstallStrips allow you to easily change your panels around as you want. They are not glued to the walls like conventional particle board slat wall.

The InstallStrips come in 45″ sections and can be separated into 30″ or 15″ sections for a truly customizable installation.

e5bf78f5d3fc3974719658fb4ced97c4For use in areas where the strength of the Heavy Duty is not needed storeWALL Standard goes up just as easy. Locate the studs with a stud finder, position your panel, level and screw to the wall.

To assist in making this job as simple as possible we provide patented HangUps. Screw them to the wall and they provide that extra set of hands.

We have panel color matching screws or If you don’t like the fastener holes showing we have color matching caulk for all our panels to hide the unsightly holes.

Our product is so versatile it can adapt to any situation you can dream of. We have several trim options to give you the look you want. Flat trim works great in corners, around windows and to hide lines where panels join.

‚ÄčOur angle trim can give a “picture frame” look or just hide the side view of the panels.


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