Maximize Your Storage Even In an Apartment, Townhome or Condo

Whether you live in a house that doesn’t have a garage or perhaps you live in an apartment, a townhome or a condo, this may be as good as your storage gets, if you’re lucky. This is a great under-the-stairs closet. The only problem is is that the homeowner is a sports enthusiast and, as you can see, he is lacking in his organizational skills and he doesn’t have a spot to put all of his sports equipment. That’s what we’re going to try to do, is transform this closet into a storage solution for him and help him get organized.

The first step is to mark the studs. It’s a little tricky to cut out the angles in a closet like this so make sure that you take your time getting your measurements correct. Once the panels are secure, we can start hanging the hardware for our shelves, baskets and hooks. Take a look at how great our closet turned out. Isn’t this perfect? Not only is this a sports enthusiasts dream but it’s an organization-freak like myself, it’s a dream. I could think of a gazillion things we could put in this closet.

Remember the stuff that we had in here before? It was on the floor, it was in the way, you’re probably tripping getting in and out of the closet. Now we’ve got everything up off the floor. The bicycle we’ve left on the floor and wheeled all the way back to the closet just so it was out of our way. It’s great too because seasonally you can swap things out, like all of our great accessories.

I love the baskets. I love because we can hang them up high and out of the way but the nice thing is is because they’re metal and we can see through them, we know exactly what we have, which remember, like we said, as long as you can see where things need to go you’re more apt to put them away where they need to go. The nice thing about this is you can take this down anytime you want so you can actually take this right outside with you, it’s really handy.

We’ve also got a larger basket. There’s lots of different options that you can select when you’re designing your closet. This one here is great for all those miscellaneous footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, anything that you may have.

We added a couple shelves here and these are great because they’re nice and deep. The nice thing about the shelf is that this will actually hold about 50 pounds for us. That’s a really nice feature. We did another shelf here below it but this one we took all the way to the back of the closet. We took it the whole length of the closet. A reason for doing this was so we could simply swap and store anything that we need to out-of-season. So when golf season’s over, guess what? Slide those golf shoes right down to the end or any other out-of-season sport. You could even put skis and ski poles on this. Like I said, it’s going to hold a lot of weight for us.

On the other side of the closet, we’ve added some additional shelving as well. These are lighter weight, smaller shelves which is great because they’re not coming out too far so we can still get in here nice and easily. The cool thing about this system is that we can take this down and move it wherever we want to.

Think of how great this would be anywhere in your home and if you have a closet like this you could do a gift wrapping center. I’m thinking myself already I could do a great craft closet as well. Anything that you need to store, this is definitely the solution for you.