27607c2088fca0455fccb6333b9a091aStoreWALL Heavy Duty Shelves are an incredibly strong lightweight thermoplastic shelf that requires no painting or finishing. 100% waterproof they can be used in or outdoors and simple to clean.

When storing products items tend to hind behind each other. We offer different shelf depths to place that one item in plane view. No more searching.

Our storeWALL shelves come in 3 different shelf depths. A 5″ shelf is ideal for spices, soup cans, collector items and small toys. Our 10″ shelves work great for cereal boxes, paint and small tools. For the big stuff we offer the 15″ shelf to hold those big boxes of tools or cases of soda.

The 10″ and 15″ shelves utilize the CamLok powder coated steel brackets. If you need to put really heavy stuff up just add a few more brackets for support.

Whatever your needs our shelves will adapt to any situation. They come in 32″, 48″ and 96″ lengths but if you need a custom fit they can be easily cut.

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Shelves in Use

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