Zone It, Own It: 6 Space-Saving Zones Your Garage Should Have

The garage is one of the most over-utilized storage spaces in homes; in most cases, though, it’s just ahuge mess.

We usually think of the garage as a place to store bulky items and park our cars, without much thought as to what goes where. “A place for everything and everything in its place”, though, is a saying you need to remember to stay organized.

Don’t get stuck—it’s easy. Simply try assigning “zones” to each section of your garage.

Here’s a zoning guide that will make you think, “Was my garage always this big?”:

The “Need-It-Now” Zone

Place the canned goods, dog food, paper towels, and recyclables in the “Need-It-Now” zone. This should be an easy-to-reach area (assign the area near the door), because you’ll be using it for the things you need every day. This is also a great storage area for the things you don’t want taking up so much space in the pantry, such as bulk food items.

The Frequently Used Zone

The Frequently Used zone should include your outdoor and yard gear. Designate the area near the garage door so you can access brooms, rakes, and bird feed easily when you’re outside. Sports equipment, such as golf clubs and bikes are also great for this area—especially if you’re the type who itches for some outdoor fun.

The Transition Zone

Jackets, hats, and shoes—these are items you grab and take off when going in and out of the house. Designate an area for them just across the “Need-It-Now” zone near the door. This area should be a natural transition zone, a spot to grab your stuff before you get in the car.

The “Everything Long and Thin” Zone

As the name states, this zone is for the long, tall and thin items, such as rakes and shovels. It’s an area for the yard equipment that you can hang on the walls, so they are not too bulky and won’t take unnecessary space next to the parked car(s).

The Large Item Zone

Place the large, rarely used, and seasonal items up high and out of the way. Christmas and Halloween décor, as well as camping gear are the perfect candidates for this corner storage area. The less frequently you use the item, the higher it should go, so you can easily access the more frequently used ones.

The Workspace

Whether it’s woodworking, auto-repair, or gardening, you should have an area to easily do your favorite hobby. Place a versatile workbench and cabinets between your “Need-It-Now” zone and Large Item zone.

Of course, these are just our suggestions—the areas may differ according to your needs. The key here is smart organization.

We can help you achieve the zoning system for your garage with our custom, high-end wall solutions. Join thousands of our customers today for a brilliantly organized garage.